Specialist surgeon Prof. nadzw. dr hab. n. med. Marek Szczepkowski

Specialist surgeon, head of the Clinical Department of General and Colorectal Surgery Bielański Hospital in Warsaw, which is one of the 22 centers of reference in the diagnosis and treatment of diseases of the colon.

In 1988, the Scientific Council of the Medical Centre of Postgraduate Education in Warsaw, gave him the degree of Doctor of Medical Sciences, and in 2002 habilitation of Medical Sciences. Since 2010 he has been working well for the position of Professor Extraordinary in the Department of Rehabilitation Jozef Pilsudski Academy of Physical Education in Warsaw.

Professor Szczepkowski has been specializing in general surgery since the beginning of the placement. He is interested in colorectal surgery especially the problems associated with the treatment of colorectal cancer, intestinal stoma problems and quality of life of patients after surgery due to diseases of the colon, and evaluation of various methods of treatment of hemorrhoidal disease. From the mid-80s in the center of his theoretical and practical interest was also laparoscopic technique, at first used in the diagnosis of diseases of the abdominal cavity, and since the early 90’s as well as the surgical technique, now also used by Professor Szczepkowski in the treatment of colorectal cancer . Also, other minimally invasive techniques are used by him in the treatment of particular diseases of the colon (np. TEM –Transanal Endoscopic Microsurgery).

Between 1983 – 2012 he participated in a great number of trainings, courses and national and international scholarships in terms of disciplines such as general surgery, oncology, colorectal, minimally invasive, microsurgery and others. The most important ones include clinical placements in the Hospital of St. Brand in London (1992, 1993), scholarship Cleveland Clinic Foundation in Cleveland-Ohio-USA (1998) and numerous scientific training in renowned centers such as the Cleveland Clinic Florida, Weston-USA, Center IRCAD in Strasbourg or Karolinska Hospital in Stockholm.

Since 1983 he has been actively involved in national and international scientific congresses and symposia concerning general surgery and colorectal surgery in particular, the problems of patients with a stoma and laparoscopic techniques (congresses were held in Poland, the USA, Mexico, Brazil, Japan, Australia, Russia, South Africa and in 25 European countries). For many of the above seminars and conferences Professor Szczepkowski was invited as a speaker or as moderator scientific sessions, as well as a member of the scientific committees of those conventions.

Since 1992 he is involved as a consultant and invited lecturer in the field of quality of life and organization of care for patients after surgery due to diseases of the colon, especially for patients with a stoma in the country and abroad.
For several years he has participated in the work of the European Federation of Large Intestine Cancer (EFR).

For many years, he has taught classes in the field of General and Colorectal Surgery, both with students, doctors and nurses. He co-authored a number of general and specific programs of specialist courses in both general surgery and surgical nursing.

His scientific achievements made up of more than 220 scientific publications, among which are the original works, demonstrative, chapters in books and scripts, case studies and other work. These publications relate inter alia to issues of general surgery, including laparoscopic techniques, colorectal surgery, the quality of life of patients after surgery due to diseases of the colon, especially in patients with abdominal anus or ultrasound evaluation of rectum and anal canal pathology.

Professor Szczepkowski has a lot of singular scientific achievements such as work on the quality of life of patients after surgery due to diseases of the rectum, introducing customize and improve techniques for hernia (the largest group in the literature of patients operated on in one of the resort by the same team of surgeons), works on patients after Hartmann surgery and the problem restore the continuity of the gastrointestinal tract after this operation, the problem diversion colitis – inflammation of the colonic mucosa excluded from the intestinal transit (the largest group of patients in the literature developed complex both in terms of clinical symptoms and pathologic endoscopic) and the work on endosonopraphical and manometric evaluation anal sphincter function before and after restoring the natural continuity of the oral route. Professor Szczepkowski leads a team that created a new classification of hernias (Bielanski Hospital Classification), which became the basis for the development of the 2012 EHS classification (European Hernia Society) in this regard.

Prof.dr hab.n.med. Mark Szczepkowski is a member of 16 prestigious domestic and foreign scientific societies, including the Association of Polish Surgeons, Polish Club of Coloproctology, the American Association of Colorectal Surgeons and the European Coloproctological Society.

Since 2010 he is the Polish representative in European Society of Coloproctology.
In September 2012, he was chosen as President of the Polish Club of Coloproctology.