About us

Our shop offers a specialist orthopedic equipment and auxiliaries.

We protect your privacy and we ensure individual approach to each patient. An experienced physiotherapist or orthopedic technician will help you in the selection of products of your interest.

We have a dressing room, which is crucial when you are buying products such as wigs, swimwear and bras for Amazons. We guarantee the high quality of our products.

NZOZ Cross Medica2 is a modern facility, where you can take advantage of qualified medical personnel.

We have a reception, waiting room, comfortable toilets with facilities for the elderly and disabled. It is also dressing room which is necessary for patients using the services of medical and rehabilitation shop.

Consulting rooms are issued with adequate medical equipment. All procedures are performed under clean and sterile conditions compliance with asepsis and antiseptics rules.

The qualified doctors and nurses take care about our patients. Moreover, the qualified physiotherapist help you in choosing the right orthopaedic stuff.

Care before and after …

Education of the patient before diagnostic procedures and treatments is mainly to reassure the patient and to dispel his doubts. The staff clearly explains the possible course of treatment and prepare for it. While all efforts are maintained cleanliness rules. Used equipment is sterile or disposable. Every day, we carry out disinfection of entire rooms, floors, couches, etc., and we irradiate of surgeries. All this is done for the sake of health and good of the patient.

If the patient has any doubt, we are always ready to give help and advise.